Our Story

The story of IcebergIQ begins with the story of Eigenworks, a market research firm providing win/loss buyer intelligence for over 10 years to B2B companies, and its founder Alan Armstrong. 

Alan was dedicated to the idea that when you listen to your buyers and their stories, you can understand buyer decisions so much better than relying on subjective data in your CRM.

A win/loss pioneer with 20+ years of experience in B2B Product Management, Sales, and Marketing, Alan launched Eigenworks in 2008, and continued to refine the interview and analysis methodology over the years. When Alan passed away in the summer of 2019, his loss was deeply felt by the Eigenworks team and by his many friends and associates in the B2B tech world.

IcebergIQ was born out of the foundational expertise and experience of Eigenworks and the need to continue providing buyer intelligence to Product, Product Marketing, Sales, Customer Success leaders, and CEOs at technology companies. Shortly after Alan’s passing, a number of former Eigenworks team members including Julie Payne, Kristine Culp, Samantha Davis and others, formed IcebergIQ along with a new CEO, Natasha Narayan, to continue the mission of capturing deep buyer insights on behalf of clients.

Before stepping into her leadership role, Natasha knew Alan personally from her time as a client at a SaaS company that relied on a steady stream of buyer interviews from Eigenworks to get insight into sales wins and losses.

“I met Alan very early on in my four years at Gainsight and had so much respect for him as a person and for his mission,” Natasha says. “The reports we received gave us such incredible insight into what was and wasn’t working. We needed to adapt quickly to scale, and his team armed us with intelligence to be able to do so on an ongoing basis.”

With decades of experience in the tech industry in Canada, Australia, the U.S. and New Zealand, Natasha has built long-term relationships with her customers, business partners,  and overall community.  She enjoys taking the time to really listen to her customers and advocating for them, which made IcebergIQ such a natural fit.

“I feel honored that we can continue Alan’s legacy with such a resilient team. We’re excited about the enormous potential of the Buyer Intelligence category,” she says.

IcebergIQ is grateful for the support of Alan’s family, friends, associates, our clients, and the industry at large as we forge ahead. As our name suggests, we want to get below the surface to capture deep insights that are often hidden from view. In doing this for our clients, we take to heart Alan’s parting words in this article published by Pragmatic Institute, where he summed it all up: “Talk to your buyers. They have so much to tell you.”