Research Services


Win/Loss Analysis

On an ongoing basis, we learn all about your company, then recruit and interview your buyers and clients, and provide the analysis for you about why you are winning and losing deals. We help you understand product gaps, sales experience feedback, market trends, and more, all from an unbiased perspective.

Customer Success - Churns/Renewals/UpSells

Is your company focused on customer success? We inform how you can adapt to achieve higher customer retention, expansion, and adoption rates. Our research helps you understand your customer's actual journeys, and all of the factors for their decisions ... including the ones they would likely never tell you.

Partner/Channel Models

We can help you understand the entire value chain through the partner and to your end customers.

Blind Research versus Unblinded

It is IcebergIQ's model to deliver unblinded research. We are transparent with the interviewee about who our client is. 


The Interview Method - Buyer as Hero™

The Hero's Journey is an overarching construct that can apply to change champions within companies. As they buy products and services, they are on a quest to catalyze positive change. We recognize your buyers as heroes on a journey, and apply that lens to interviews. This approach elicits rich and deep insights. 



What will my teams get from Win/Loss and Churn/Renewal Analysis?

The short answer is that your team will get the truth from the buyer’s perspective (and in the case of churn, from the customer’s perspective).

There are three perspectives on any sales or churn story: 1) buyer or customer, 2) sales or customer success team, and 3) senior leadership. What’s generally missing, or misunderstood, is the buyer’s voice. The reason codes in your CRM may tell you something about the buyer's decision, but it's rarely the full story. 

How can you really know what your buyer or customer wants if you don’t ask them directly?

How do you get executive decision-makers to do these interviews? Why would they agree to talk?

While it might seem surprising, up to 70% of the contacts you give us will agree to talk with us. We ask for 30 minutes of their time. Several factors account for our high participation rate.

  • We have a solid recruitment technique developed and refined over 10 years.
  • Interviewees have a sense that their feedback can contribute to the industry overall, by shaping improved products and services that will benefit them in the future. 
  • An interview with a neutral third party is an opportunity for people to be candid. One interviewee told us, “This is great. Someone’s got to tell these companies what we actually need.”
  • And finally, we offer an incentive – the interviewee can select a gift card or choose to donate the funds to a charity of their choice. We’ve experimented with incentives and found it helps to ensure the interviewee shows up for the call.

After speaking with us, some interviewees say they are surprised by how much they enjoyed the conversation, and that they understand their own decision-making better after reviewing it with a neutral third party. Note: the calls are recorded and the research reports are only shared with our clients and no one else. 

How do you set up the conversation?

We tell the interviewee that we’re helping you do a strategic review of your product and performance. We say, for example, that as you develop the next year of product roadmap and approach to the market, you want to hear from your buyers, and you asked us to reach out. We don’t hide your name or the fact that we’re talking to them at your request. We endeavour to be fully transparent and upfront. 

How does the conversation unfold? Do people get defensive?

We use a unique dialog approach called Buyer as Hero™.

Buyer as Hero™ focuses on the interviewee, their story, and their journey. We start from the assumption that they engaged with you for good reasons, and they made their eventual decision, whatever it was, for equally good reasons. We see the interviewee as an agent of change – someone who was trying to create a positive impact within their organization. We find that by framing the conversation in this way, interviewees do not feel defensive. They understand we are not trying to talk them out of their position. In fact, we want to go deeper into it, to get to the heart of the matter. We invite them to explore their decision more thoroughly with prompts like:

“I want to hear more.”
“Now I see why you went that route.”
“Tell me more about that.

The buyer's own individual and unique journey is the starting point for every conversation. Our Buyer as Hero™ approach opens the door for the buyer to tell the truth about their experience. 

What is Win/Loss Analysis?

Win/Loss Analysis is the process of understanding why a sales opportunity was realized or not. It involves speaking directly to your buyers to elicit candid insights about your business and the factors influencing the buying decision.

What is Churn/Renewal Analysis?

Churn/Renewal Analysis is the process of understanding why a customer has canceled a subscription or service. We navigate the churn conversation in a different way than a win/loss interview, because a vendor-customer relationship is different from a vendor-buyer relationship. Understanding that difference is critical to effective churn analysis.