Our Services


Win/Loss Analysis

Win/Loss Analysis is the study of why your sales opportunities are won or lost. We speak directly to your buyers to elicit candid feedback about factors that influence their buying decisions. 

As a neutral third party, we get the full story because your buyers are willing to open up to us.The qualitative data we gather is powerful and can be used to sharpen sales, marketing, and product development, helping you improve win rates and grow your business. 

We also interview buyers for deals that are stuck, helping our client get answers as to why. 

Win/loss analysis is typically an ongoing engagement but may be requested as a one-time deep dive.

Churn Analysis

Churn/Renewal/Expansion Analysis is the process of understanding a customer's journey post-buyer decision. Why did they decide to cancel a product, downgrade, renew, upgrade, or leave? We speak directly to your customers to learn about their experience with your company, all the way from what they set out to achieve in the beginning through to the renewal decision. Insights can be used strategically to prevent future churn and grow your customer base.

This is typically an ongoing engagement but may be requested as a one-time deep dive.

Do You Have a Specific Challenge to Solve?

Often our customers come to us with a more specific or acute challenge. You may want to:

  • Investigate if a product has good product-market fit
  • Conduct a reputation study on your brand
  • Understand your competitive landscape
  • Carry out due diligence for a potential acquisition
  • Arm you with data to help you with investment rounds
  • Do a deep dive into a particular problem area in your business

In each case, there's no substitute for listening to the needs and desires of your buyers or potential customers, and bringing their voice to your decision-making.

These projects are custom-scoped based on requirements.